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Maria Klawe

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Getting More Women into Technology Careers

Dr Maria Klawe
Wednesday 30 March 2016
5.45pm Physics Lecture Theatre A

Over the past decade the participation of females in the tech industry has declined rather than advanced. This is unfortunate for young women because of the incredible career opportunities, for the tech industry because of the loss of incoming talent, and for society because of the loss of diversity of perspective among tech teams. I will talk about how we can improve the situation and how Harvey Mudd College dramatically increased the number of females majoring in computer science, from 10% of the majors to over 40%.

Maria Klawe became Harvey Mudd College’s fifth president in 2006. A renowned mathematician, computer scientist and scholar, Klawe is the first woman to lead the College since its founding in 1955. Prior to joining Harvey Mudd, she served as dean of engineering and professor of computer science at Princeton University. Klawe has made significant research contributions to and held numerous leadership roles in the areas of mathematics and computer science. Maria received her PhD (1977) and BSc (1973) in mathematics from the University of Alberta.

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