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Daniel Goldhagen

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The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Anti-Semitism

Dr Daniel Goldhagen
Monday 27 April 2015
5.45pm, Buchanan Lecture Theatre

Why is there so much antisemitism in the world? Why is it on the rise? Why are sober people, Jews and non-Jews, around Europe, including in the UK, sounding the alarm and conveying that Jews face such peril in their own local and national communities that there may not be a future for them in their countries?

Antisemitism is at once the world’s most widespread prejudice and its most contested. And perhaps its most curious, as this historically weak and marginal people, numerically small, has been the object of so much animus, where they have lived and in places where they have not lived. Today, so many people think ill about, and wish ill upon, Jews, whether it is the Jews of Israel, Europe or the United States. And yet so many people deny that such thoughts and desires are a form of prejudice called antisemitism. How do we make sense of all this?

To understand contemporary antisemitism, we need to recognise that in our global age, it too has been globalised. Today’s global antisemitism is an obvious continuation of previous forms of antisemitism, yet its features are markedly different from the antisemitisms of earlier eras, making it something fundamentally new and historically unprecedented both among antisemitisms and in the annals of prejudice.

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, prize-winning and bestselling author, former political science professor at Harvard, and author of The Devil that Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism, will explore these and other themes about this age-old and this brand-new phenomenon that has fascinated, preoccupied, troubled and befuddled Jews and non-Jews alike and which has led to so much violence in the past and threatens so much violence in the present.

To find out more about Daniel Goldhagen and his work, please go to Daniel Goldhagen’s Official Website